Choosing Fresh Fruit for Gifts

fresh fruit basket watercolours
Lovely Fresh Fruit - thanks to Dawn
Working with Fresh Fruit everyday can lead you astray and you quickly forget that not everyone is as privileged to have unfettered access to fruit all the time.  Literally within arm's reach. 

So it can be difficult to know what is in season and what is drifting out of season if you are a casual buyer from the supermarkets - too often all you notice is the price going upwards just as the season nears it's end and there is absolutely no fresh fruit left.

Also, supermarkets are notorious for having trucked-in fresh seasonal fruit produce from all over Australia so you can't really be sure if it is end of season or start of season.  But everything does indeed have a season - even the humble onion - and knowing what is in season is terribly important so you can buy the freshest and most cost effective fruit.

In a fruit basket, there are some options that are flown in from the US, China or Chile and it is because demand in Australia is so high it makes sense to ship or fly the fruit in to keep supply going year round.  But if you insist on only buying Australian fruit as we do for our fruit hampers, you will notice a lessening of imported fruit.  Consciously making that decision each time you shop does have an impact.