Maitland Aberglasslyn Private Rutherford

People who make a living from doing the things that 
 they love, and obviously have a strong affinity and talent for, is what we are all about. 

Making Honest, authoritative and trusted Fruit Hampers fro delivery to Maitland Hospital, Private Hospitals, Rutherford, Ashtonfield, and Aberglasslyn is what we do.

Lower Hunter Valley deliveries are a simple, effortless process with us.

Without a doubt, the rise of two dollar shops and corporate retailers have made it increasingly difficult for local handmade vendors to compete. 

But it is hard to deny the passion and creativity behind locally handmade products crafted right here in Sydney and Melbourne for Australian Local Markets.

People simply appreciate the quirky detail in something handmade – it’s unusual and unique.


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  2. From seasonal grape harvesting in Berri, to ripe mango picking in Darwin, each year many of people just like you find work helping to bring in fruit basket harvests.

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  4. The Fruit Industry Employment Program provides an alternative source of income to growers and workers in the short term, in exchange for their help with environmental restoration and protection projects in their region -

    We encourage you to join our program.

  5. While 2012 was a record year, businesses were still recovering from the 2010 floods and highly variable climatic conditions.

    Keep Buying Fruit in 2013!

  6. Making the right choice with a premium, quality Fruit Basket for Newcastle Delivery makes all the difference.

    Choose uniqueness and authority when you select a Gourmet Hamper.

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  7. Apples, pears, peaches, plums, cherries, etc.

    Fruit Baskets with a Gourmet Twist...

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