Fresh Fruit Seasonal Gift Baskets

hand assembled fruit basket gifts ready for wrapping and despatchfresh in season fruit prepared for display and presentationThere comes a time at the end of winter when our thoughts turn to spring and the promise of summer and the fresh flavours and tastes of the impending bud burst. 

Now, as the days are warmer it is time to invite friends over and share the new seasons’ best fruit from around the country – or if you are some distance away a delivery of freshest seasonal fruit goes a long way towards bridging that gulf and inviting intimacy.

Imagine setting up a juice bar with a basket full of fresh seasonal fruit including watermelon, apples, mangoes, starfruit, peaches, nectarines, pears, oranges, mandarins, lemons, limes, kiwi fruit, grapes and cherries. 

You would be able to get the freshest fruit available from local vendors and even streetside stalls and have it all there ready to be turned into sweet juice to share with your muesli for breakfast.

For some great award winning gift basket ideas – here’s the best tips and hints on what’s in season right here and now based on our location in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

But remember, this is only a guide as most fruit is trucked interstate from as far afield as the Northern Territory for year round availability.

What’s in Season by Season

Cherries  Peaches  Plums

Summer  Apricots  Berries  Melons  Nectarines

Autumn  Apples  Kiwifruit  Pears Strawberries

Winter  Lemons  Mandarins  Oranges 

Here’s some more great information on the seasonal availability of fruit.

Remember, choosing fruit in season saves on food miles travelled, and importantly, lowers the cost of long term refrigeration and maintenance costs. 

Sending a Fruit Gift Basket
using seasonal fresh fruit makes sense in terms of health, budget and just generally sharing the bursting goodness of nature as it was intended.

Having a Fruit Basket Delivered is all about getting your thoughts shared in the form of a fruit basket or gift hamper. 

Being some distance from the recipient, you are naturally inclined to want to hug or hold her and share your pressing thoughts – but since this is impossible, sending a fruit gift bowl is about as close as it gets to a living, breathing gift of health.

As an established business with a reputation built on quality, a reputable Fruit Basket and Hamper providore will offer personal service, same day delivery and the opportunity to add your own message in the form of a card.

Things like this make all the difference when you are sending a gift hamper especially for life's most important and emotional events and occasions.


  1. The second most important thing with fruit baskets for delivery is the amount of fruit and it's blemish free quality. If in doubt about who will deliver the actual gift basket if it made by an affiliate group, ask and get a feedback number.

    1. Come on board and get well soon hampers.

    2. Sharing a Hunter Valley memory like the classic hamper is a great way to put a thank you.

  2. Fresh Fruit Arrangements make for an impressive quality gift.

    1. Organic is always a treat - but same day delivery to the JHH is ideal.

    2. For great fruit hampers we would like to nominate our own products.

  3. Sharing a gift is a great way to say hello.


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